Singha Lager is the flagship product of Boon Rawd Brewery. The Singha brand has been reaching out to connect with new experiences that are different is in our corporate DNA since it was launched in 1933.
The founder of our company, Boonrawd Bhirombhakdi, continually looked beyond the horizon to extend his knowledge and experience. Singha’s success is defined by its unique ability to connect people, stimulate ideas, and inspire great journeys.
Singha is one of Thailand’s most iconic brands and an ambassador for Thai culture. A player in the global arena, it shares the excitement of world-class sporting events with people in Thailand.
Singha is surrounded by an aura of mystery, exoticism and desire. Nearby, there is always something beautiful to be discovered. When fellow travellers share a toast and lasting friendships are forged, you will find Singha. Where the imagination is drawn to the unknown and exotic, it shows the way. Adventurous and charismatic, Singha is a natural leader. Crossing the bridge of dreams or pausing at the junction of art and life, the full flavor and crisp finish of Singha Lager never fail to refresh.
Furthermore, Singha beer and the beverages of Boon Rawd Brewery Co. Ltd. have been receiving awards and honors from various respectable institutions both locally and internationally. As an integral part of the society, Boon Rawd Brewery actively participate in local environmental support programs, educational scholarship programs, medical aids, cultural events, as well as sport sponsorships. Singha beer and Boon Rawd Brewery truly represent Thailand.

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